With great pride we are pleased to announce the birth of a new project:
European Discus Master Cup.
This project establishes the official collaboration between the most important european discus championships in a shared development concept.
The European Discus Master Cup is a championship in stages; during each stages, the breeder that will reach the highest total score, will be the champion of champions and will win the European Discus Master Cup.

1. Show:
01. - 03. Oktober 2016:  aqua EXPO Tage 2016
3rd European Diskus Championat
Germany - Dortmund

2. Show:
14. - 16. Oktober 2016: Best of Discus 2016
East Mediterranean Discus Competition
Greece - Athens

3. Show & Finale:
22. - 24. September 2017: Napoli Aquatica
World Discus Championship
Italy  - Naples

FAQ + Regulations
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